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Our Proven Recruiting Process

Xplora separates the sourcing function from client relationship management. We offer incentives to our recruiters to find multiple candidates for each position. We manage client expectations through dedicated client managers, who screen applicants to identify the best matches. This structure allows Xplora to utilize a retained search approach at contingency search prices.


Step 1: Understand Your Needs
Our experienced Client Managers work closely with you to thoroughly understand your business and the requirements of open positions.

Step 2: Leverage Our Vast Network
If you want the best people, you have to know where to find them. They are not always actively seeking a new position. Our Recruiters are the most prepared in the industry, and won’t rest until they’ve found the perfect employee for you.

Step 3: Screen More Effectively
We separate the sourcing of candidates from the client management. This process keeps the recruiters focused on sourcing and the client managers focused on client service. The extra level of screening ensures you get the right fit.

Step 4: Present Qualified Candidates
Our Client Managers work closely with you to present candidates that fit the job qualifications and culture of your organization. This provides efficient, timely, and highly successful matches.

Step 5: Manage the Closing Process
Our team manages the process to ensure that offers are accepted and the right candidates are closed.

Step 6: Follow Up
We stand behind what we do. Client service is the core of our business. That’s why we stay in close contact with you after candidates accept an offer to make sure you are fully satisfied with your new employee.